Friday, July 19, 2013

Strength and Perseverance

It is amazing to me how strong people can be and what they can overcome. I have been watching the news intently on the escape of the three women in Ohio who were kidnapped as young girls and who have now been reunited with their families. I was glued to the television to get every new piece of information on their stories of survival.

I am truly inspired by them and all of the people who have survived tragedy and horrific experiences and have gone on to thrive. The video they posted was so moving it brought me to tears. What strength those women have! How touched I am for their ability to reclaim their lives.

I often wonder how I would react/cope if I was confronted with the tragic and horrific experiences our clients and others face on a daily basis. Would I have the strength to leave? Would I have the strength and inner guidance to know when to make the move, or when to break out the door and scream at the neighbor passing by for help as Amanda did? Those who have survived have tapped into that inner knowing and that inner strength and found what it takes to make those really difficult and life saving decisions.

I am grateful to all of the survivors of tragedy for their wisdom, their ability to persevere, for their ability to forgive, to work through the emotions and come out on the other side. I am so happy those three young women have their lives ahead of them with their families. Congratulations to them for having the strength to make it through. I pray that all of those who are faced with tragedy that they can have outcomes similar to Amanda, Gina and Michelle.

I am grateful that Hope House is here to help people in domestic violence situations. We couldn’t do it without our supporters. I am aware it takes everyone working together to bring about change.  Hopefully there will be a day when there is no violence, no kidnappings and murders. Until then, thank you for helping us help others.

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