Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kids' Birthdays in Shelter

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Do you remember what it was like to celebrate your birthday as a child? For some of us there was anticipation of presents; perhaps a party with balloons, streamers and party hats. Of course there was a cake with candles and ice cream, and friends and family taking pictures and singing Happy Birthday.

I believe birthdays are a precious thing and need to be celebrated to the fullest. It is your special day and for 24 hours you get to be reminded of just how wonderful you are.

At Hope House we work very hard to ensure that everyone realizes just how special they are every day, but especially on their birthdays. With the help and generosity of our donors, we have new toys and gifts available so Moms can pick out the perfect presents and wrap them for their birthday child. Kids are able to do the same thing for their moms who are celebrating their special day.

We had a donor that loved birthdays and always made them very special for her children. When she passed, her children set up a fund in her name that is to be used to purchase birthday cakes for kids who are in shelter. This allows these kids the opportunity to blow out the candles on a decorated cake, and have a group of people sing a rousing “Happy Birthday to You”. They get to have a very special moment that is theirs alone.


  1. That's such a wonderful story. Bless that donor and her family.

  2. Isn't that about the most wonderful legacy you can leave? We're honored to have known her.

  3. This is amazing! It has actually given me a great idea. I am a cake decorator on my time;) so I am going to ask if I can bake cakes for kids in D.C shelters (don't know if it's o.k since I'm not licensed). This is the greatness of blogs...good ideas and good deeds multiply!~Saira from DCCADV

  4. Saira, I love it that you've become inspired! I can't speak for DC shelters, but if someone here in KC asked to bring in a birthday cake, we would never turn them down. We frequently have individuals and groups making entire dinners and donating them. This makes our clients feel really special because someone they don't even know is showing them love!