Friday, September 19, 2014

Where Are You Now

In June of 2014, the body of Shaunda Thomas was found lying in the middle of a Kansas City apartment complex playground. Murdered by her long-time boyfriend, Shaunda leaves behind her four children, family and friends. In response to their employee Shaunda’s death and the prevalence of domestic violence in our community, Time Warner Cable has designed a program for their work force called “Shaunda’s Voice.” This program strives to provide education and support for those affected by domestic violence.

Anne Vega wrote a poem about domestic violence earlier this year, only to then lose her friend and co-worker Shaunda to such violence just a few months later. Anne shared her poem at the kick-off for the “Shaunda’s Voice” program, and she has been so generous to share it here today.

Where Are You Now

White beaded flowing royal dress
Mermaid, princess, traditional she truly did impress
He took her hand and repeated what the minister said to say
She looked in his eyes and gave him her life that day

She gave her heart, all he ever wanted was her body and soul
Two but one divided, will they ever be made whole
The gown now stained, faded and soiled
A reminder of the hope for happiness now quickly recoiled

Silent days, lonely, dark and painful nights
A child on the way, she believes she must sacrifice her rights
Hiding in the shadows hoping no one would notice
Her blood stained cheeks and weak smile, she keeps up appearances

Words now exchanged are cordial and cool
Except for his words that begin by calling her a fool
Where are you God? she cries in desperation
Is there anyone who can help in this situation?

She musters the strength, packs a bag and is ready to flee 
He runs after her with roses and promises with insincerity
She remembers her vow on that now fateful day
Looks in the children's eyes and agree once more to stay

This viral germ has spread from home to home
With no regard for culture, income, neighborhood or zone
Please join me in the fight to end this destructive spiraling social disease
One by one, looking for signs and opportunities, be compelled to seize

Where is God? I still hear that cry
Oh my daughter, my sister, my mother, my niece, my aunt, my cousin, my neighbor, my friend, He is close by
Ready to save for this was never His plan…..but first you must agree
He needs our full cooperation for you to break free.

Anne Vega 2/1/14

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