Friday, May 30, 2014

Too Apparel -- Panties with Purpose

    1. In addition; also: When you buy a pair for yourself, the company donates a pair too.

Last week, we had the great pleasure of meeting Kevin Goryl, co-founder of Too Apparel. Kevin and his wife, Sara, founded this underwear company purely to give back and in honor of a friend they had that died all too early of alcoholism. You can read more about this backstory at

Too is predicated on the practice of sell one, give one, and will donate a pair of underwear to a woman’s shelter for every pair sold.

Kevin came to Kansas City to promote Too when Fox 4 News invited him to appear on their morning show. Kevin was impressed with how proactive Kansas City was—Hope House was the very first shelter to sign up with Too and Fox 4 News was the first media to contact them—so he invited us to join him on air! You can view the segment here:

The Goryls have strongly held tenets which you can find throughout their website at “We believe in responsibility, respect, compassion and comfort. We believe in protecting woman and children. We believe in empowerment and making sure everyone has choices. We believe tomorrow WILL be better. We believe in a nonviolent world and we believe you do too.”

It’s a wonderful concept we hope you’ll support. Too has generously offered a discount 20% discount when you use the code FOX4KC as well as free shipping!

From the too website:  too. will donate a pair of underwear to a women's domestic violence shelter for every pair you purchase. Shelters receive a lot of used clothing donations but underwear is too personal of an item to donate used. too.'s mission is to fill this void by providing women in need with new, comfortable and clean underwear. You have visited this website because you care, because you want to make a difference and we do too. Sharing our page on Facebook, tweeting about us to your friends, choosing to wear our underwear or sharing our story with your neighbor makes you part of this movement, part of the too. family. We promise to always be honest and make the right business decisions. That is why we've started this blog. We want you to grow with our company and we want to be completely transparent in our donation process. Starting a business isn't easy so we'll be asking for your advice and help often. Please join us on this journey, together we can make a difference, together we are too.

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