Friday, March 1, 2013


This weather has been something hasn’t it! I look out my window and all I see are white mountains, many of them throughout the parking lot and street. Some are difficult to see over the top so much snow has been piled on them.

This weather can be very challenging to everyone; it is taxing on the nerves, the emotions and schedules. It can be especially difficult for people in crisis as their whole lives are turned upside down and then they have to deal with the appointment cancellations, maneuvering the streets and cancelled work which often means a reduced paycheck which then starts the crisis spiral all over again.

It is difficult to make everyone happy during snow storms but we certainly work to make the situation as normal as possible for people in our services. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel groups and other services. Courts have had to be cancelled which can not only be troublesome, but also can put goals and needs on hold or take longer to get accomplished, causing further stress on already stressed out individuals. We work hard to normalize the situation as best as possible to avoid further stress and problems and help to create solutions. Sometimes the only solution is to breathe and know there is nothing more that can be done. We cannot control Mother Nature, sometimes we are at her mercy  and can only wait it out and then be grateful for all of the workers who work all night to plow the streets and make it safe for us to venture out again.

Speaking of being grateful, I am especially appreciative of the staff at Hope House who take this weather in stride. Shelter staff come in early; they come with extra clothes and are ready to put in long shifts knowing their replacement may not be able to make it in. The facilities staff are here all hours of the day and night shoveling sidewalks and plowing the driveway to make it easy for clients and staff to get around safely. We have a great crew here; they jump in and do it all without complaint because they know it has to be done. They put the concerns of the clients first, thinking of their comfort and needs and doing whatever is needed to make sure their needs are met.

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