Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chris Brown and the Grammy Awards

Chris Brown photo: Getty Images

Like many others, I was questioning the decision to have Chris Brown be such a prominent figure at this year’s Grammy awards.

Three years ago, he beat his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, so badly she was almost unrecognizable. He pleaded guilty and received five years probation and community service which, in my opinion, is really not a punishment for the severity of the crime he committed.

If you ask me, he should have gone to prison for the assault… but of course, no one asked me.

Instead of doing prison time and paying restitution for his crime, he is honored at the same place that was the start of the crime three years ago. I am disappointed not only in the organizers of the awards ceremony, but the people in the audience as well. A standing ovation? Really? I do not understand our ability as a society to just forget and not hold people accountable.

I realize that not everyone will agree with me. I realize that some feel that he has “paid his dues” and deserves a second chance. I am all for second chances, but that needs to be earned. How has he taken responsibility?

I have heard him complain that people were being too hard on him and he didn’t deserve all of the negativity. Sorry, but when you commit felony assault I believe some negativity and accountability should come your way!

If he truly has changed and learned from his criminal behavior, then he should take his ability to reach millions of people at a time and let them know:
  • how he has changed for the better
  • how he has made his restitution
  • how is he a better person today 
  • how he has changed his beliefs about women, relationships and physical assault on those you love

I do try to find the best in people and do believe people are capable of change. I hope that he has changed for the sake of his new girlfriend and anyone else that he has relationships with. 


  1. Whatever happended with him and Rhianna has nothing to do with his career. He is a great peformer and what happened in his personal life should not have an effect on his career. And who are we to decied what his punishment should be? And why should he have to prove something to society? He didn't do anything to society. The only person he owes something to is Rhianna.

  2. I believe this comment was well said and very true. Chris Brown has to deal with his own decisions and actions. It's not our jobs to decide his consequences.

  3. I agree with you, Maryanne. When anyone (particularly someone on the world stage) abuses or takes advantage of a woman, we all suffer as a society, and the abuser's actions cry out for a response from us all. Character does matter. To praise this guy, buy his music & help pump him up till his head bursts with pride is to allow him to ignorantly and proudly go on to abuse other women. Love tells the truth, for the benefit of us all; that allows changes and healing to follow.
    -Diane Regan

  4. Chris Brown's career puts him in the position of being a role model to young men and women all over the world. Thus, what he did to Rhianna is not just a personal matter between him and Rhianna. Violence against women continues to occur because so many people look the other way and insist that it is nobody else's business--that it is a private matter. The fact that he was asked to perform on the Grammy's, that he got a standing ovation, that his career has not suffered, sends the message to every young man and woman that domestic violence is not a serious crime. Shame on Chris Brown and shame on those who pretend he did nothing wrong.

    1. He got a standing ovation because he is a good peformer. Im sure if you asked 90 percent of people in that crowd if they agree with what he did im sure they would all say no, but I like his music. If he makes a song that makes me sing along and a song that makes me want to dance Im gonna do just that. Im not gonna say to myself oh its Chris Brown, Im not going to sing or dance. And just because you are in the public light does not make you a role model. We forget sometimes that stars are people just like we are. If you view him as a role model that is a choice you are making, and have to realize that he might do something that you don't like, because he is a person too.

  5. The only person he has to answer to is God. There are people who have done worst things than what happen between he and Rihanna.
    Why are so quick to be judge and jury.

  6. Thanks to everyone for your comments! I'll be posting a new blog today in reply to these comments, so please make sure you check it out.

  7. Wow. You people that still support him losers. I hope natural selection does its job and eliminates people with that line of thinking.